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This site is maintained by a number of contributors to an in-person meetup called Gray’s Theology.We meet at Gray’s Tied House in Verona, Wisconsin. Hopefully you’ll see some profiles of contributors soon.

Grosser (Blog founder angrosserd author of older posts):

I’m a fan of genuine human engagement, regardless of differences. I believe we can all learn from each other. I believe we should love and challenge each other.

Here’s some stuff you might want to know about me that you won’t learn on this blog:

Native New Englander, spent the last 5 years in the Madison, Wisconsin area. I loved this town! I missed fried clams. Now I’m on my way to Jerusalem, where my wife will be working on her dissertation, I’ll be a stay at home dad, and doing some informal studying of my own. Hence, I’m not blogging for Wakey Wakey.

Married to Emmylou, a PhD. student in UW’s Hebrew and Semitic Languages program. She is one incredible babe. We have a kid.

While in Madison, worked at Epic, a software company for the healthcare industry, testing software on PDAs. I heart gadgets.

Trained as a pastor, helping plant a church in Verona, WI. When in Wisconsin, just about every week on Sunday afternoons I say to Emmylou, “I love our church!” And it’s true.

Favorite places in the Madison area: the zoo, Wah Kee, that nameless restaurant just off Capitol Square near the Dane, Babcock Dairy, the arboretum, barriques, the terrace, that pizza place in that white building in downtown Middleton whose name escapes me, the bike trails, Eric and Anca’s kitchen, and Josh and Mary Ann’s living room.

Guilty pleasures that demonstrate my immaturity include aintitcool.com, homestarrunner.com, superhero movies, your blog, and OT Star Wars.


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  1. Hey, I live in Verona. I am wondering where the church is that you’re involved in within Verona? I’d like to check it out. Is it the one in the old Library building?

  2. Hi, Lana!

    It’s Living Hope Church. We meet at the Verona Senior Center at 10am on Sundays (think “community center”, not “old folks home”). We’d love it if you’d stop by and visit! Or check out Gray’s Theology, our actual in-person discussion forum that my blog exists to support.

    I haven’t had the pleasure of attending Sugar River UMC (the one that meets in the old library building), but I’ve heard good things.

    How long have you lived in Verona? What a great town, no?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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