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The Origin of Rights

“But it’s my right!” If you haven’t made the claim verbally, you’ve likely thought it at one time or another. My kids haven’t explicitly stated they have rights, but they implicitly make the claim regularly.

The Declaration of Independence claims that all have an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unalienable as in it’s not foreign, it’s inherent, part of our nature as humans.

We’ve been talking a lot about happiness and contentment over the past few months of Gray’s Theology. Tomorrow, we’ll go a bit deeper to the issue of rights.

Specifically, where do we get our rights from?

Are they inherent in our being? As the Declaration claims, are they “endowed by a Creator”? Have enlightened generations discovered them after millennia of human existence in the deserts of “Might Makes Right”? Have we manufactured them so as to attain the greatest good?

What happens when my “rights” conflict with yours?

That’s what we’ll explore this week at Gray’s Theology. It’s your right to be there.

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