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Is Love Blind?

So I’ve got a couple questions about love, folks. Not just romantic love, but we can include romantic love in our conversation.

Is love blind? There are a couple ways to go with this:
A. Do people love because they have an ideal in their head that they think is the object of their love? Is it wiser to stay in that illusion; overlooking the things you don’t like? Does doing so promote love? Can it?
OK, that was easy. How about this one:
B. What kinds of situations is it loving to overlook something that someone you love has done wrong? What kinds of situations is it unloving to overlook those things? (I think the more specific, real-life, and personal we can get here, the better.)
C. Does love ever exclude? Do you have to love everybody and everything to be a loving person?

Ultimately, what does truth have to do with love?

That’s our topic this week at our in-person conversation Gray’s Theology. Visitors welcome; comments here on the blog are restricted to folks who have attended in person before.

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