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What’s our relationship to the world?

Hi, folks–

Let’s have a Gray’s Theology discussion topic, shall we?

So there are lots of good reasons to protect the earth’s ecosystems, not consume as much, not throw away as much, etc. And it’s pretty much a given that we all can do better with those kinds of things and that if we keep doing things the way we are doing them, things will get much worse, and they’re already very, very bad. So… why? What’s our relationship, as humans, to this world we live in? Are we obligated to preserve things for future generations? Is it really important that future generations exist and flourish? What about future generations of various species? I’m sure everyone who comes to something like Gray’s thinks yes, it’s important that future generations of humans and other species flourish. It probably actually is, regardless of what we think. But why?

Which of the traditional models from various worldviews describe well what kinds of beings humans are in relationship to the rest of the world. Are we cells within an organism? Lords and masters? Animals on equal footing with other animals? Are we stewards over creation? Part of a world soul where everything is one? Which of those models (and others you can think of) are helpful? What are the limitations of those models (and others you can think of)? What’s the basis of your opinion of these models?

Looking forward to talking with you. For visitors, this is a topic posting for an in-person meetup in Verona, Wisconsin. Comments online are reserved for folks who have attended the meetup in person. If you live in or around the Madison- Verona area, I hope you will sign up and show up.

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