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Sacred texts

Alright, by popular demand. Or at least, at the cautious recommendation of a bunch of you during a straw poll. Sing with me, everybody now:

Let’s talk about texts, baby!
Let’s talk about you and me!
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that we read!
Let’s talk ABOUT texts.

Hey, so the Bible and the Qu’ran and all sorts of other texts are really important to a lot of people. And those same texts are not so important to other people. And some of us say certain books are really important to us, but we don’t read them very much or feel like we understand them very well. Some of us probably sometimes feel like we must live on the wrong planet because all these people think the Bible is just great but we’re like, “That book? Really?”

So let’s talk about that. Do you think that some books are more holy, special, and/or authoritative than all other books? If so, which books? What does it mean to you that they are holy, special, and/or authoritative? What about those other books that other people think are holy, special, and/or authoritative? If you don’t believe that some books are more special than others, do you have any other sources of authority you rely on? Where do you think people should seek wisdom?

If we beat those questions to death, we can discuss some more: Have you ever tried to take a book seriously that you didn’t believe was holy, but someone else did think it was holy? What was that experience like? Are there ways that we can be respectful of written traditions that we outright disagree with? What would that look like? Should we even try?

People on Newsweek’s On Faith panel are writing on a similar topic. For some interesting reading, check it out:


I’ll be interested to hear what you all have to say. See you on Thursday at Gray’s Tied House. You can RSVP here:


When you get there, don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic. Cuz that ain’t gonna stop it.

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