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Happy Halloween, everyone!

This month, as we gather for Gray’s on Halloween’een (that is, 10/30), we’ve got a scary topic–What fears are irrational? And what fears are rational? What’s the difference?

Explanation: Most of the things we’re afraid of have some basis in real, actual risk. Even irrational fears–fear of spiders–is based in the fact that some spiders can kill people. Beyond classic phobias, there are probably people in your life who freak out about life situations in ways that you would call “irrational.” But you probably have things that you worry about that seems like they’re genuine risk. So, when is it rational to be afraid of something? What kinds of things are you afraid of?

This conversation could go in a lot of different directions depending on where the group wants to go. One possible direction – we could get to another more specific topic–the fear of death. Is it rational to fear death? What are we really afraid of? What about people who fear life more than death? Are they being rational?

Visitors to the blog – welcome. This blog exists to introduce topics to a in-person group that meets in Verona Wisconsin, and as such, comments are restricted to folks who’ve been a part of that conversation already. Feel free to sign up and join us at meetup.com.


2 Responses to “Fear”

  1. Fear is valuable as an impulse, but it often clouds our better judgment. It needs to be a factor, but not our deciding factor. Some fears are rational, some are irrational. Rational fears should be factored into our decision making, but not control them. Our irrational fears should in no way be considered, due to their irrationality.

    Oh, and death should absolutely not be feared. I guarantee you that we are all grains of golden sand creeping into the pitiless wave. Regardless of our concept of an afterlife or lack thereof, we all need to accept that. I personally don’t think there is anything else out there than what we have right now. So what do I do? I try my hardest to live life to its absolute fullest. And that, my dear friend, is why I try to go to this MeetUp whenever I can.

    Wow, Dave, you don’t even need to meet, now. I’ve got it all wrapped up! 🙂

  2. I’m sure there will be absolutely no dissenting opinions. Everyone will agree.

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