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reveille precedes revelation


I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately–about what’s enough, what I need, what I don’t need, etc. The baby has provided a monthly windfall via smaller tax withholdings, yet, due to home repairs this summer (waiting on reimbursement checks from the insurance company) and being too busy to balance the checkbook–I bounced a couple checks last week, and had to dig deep into savings to pay the bills.

I tell you this to make you uncomfortable. 🙂 Regardless of the fact that this is a blog and people say anything on the internet, this is still the internet, and you didn’t come here to read the details of my financial situation, and it’s weird to hear me talking so openly about my finances. We just don’t do that.

The question for the week is, Why? Why is it so taboo to talk about personal financial matters? In answering this question, I think we may get near such topics as: What right does anyone have to tell anyone else how to live his or her life? But don’t we somtimes have some right to say another person’s actions are commendable or irresponsible? Even with money? Of all the things we like to keep private, why is money at or near the top of the list?

On another note, did you see it? We got a big picture and great article in the Verona paper. Thanks to Seth for such a kind, thorough, and generous write-up.

For those of you new to the site, comments are open to you once you’ve attended one of our in-person meetings. If you live in or around Verona, Wisconsin, we’d love to see you. Details here.

See you Thursday!

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