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Hi, folks…

A buncha new folks signed up on the meetup site this month. Welcome!

OK, so think about some times from your life when you really felt happy. You might think of a time that was just a fleeting moments, or you might think of a season of life that generally–you felt good. The times you think of might be recent, might be not so recent. Think of a few of those times, and write them down or tuck them away in your memory to bring with you on Thursday. Here’s the question to get the discussion rolling: For each of those times in your life–was it a time when you felt more in touch with reality than normal, or a time when you felt you were escaping something? It might have elements of both. A follow up question: When you’re trying to seek comfort, do you seek to escape reality or do you dig for a more truthful representation of it?

My guess is that many of us do both. Truth is unsettling, day-to-day reality sometimes is inconvenient and painful. Our culture provides us with many avenues of escape. But I also suspect that many of us will think that escape isn’t always the best strategy, and I’d really like to hear your perspectives on that tension.

Visitors–thanks for stopping by. This discussion topic is intended for folks who attend this meetup in Verona, Wisconsin. You’re welcome to come to that if you’re in the area, and you’re welcome to comment here if you’ve physically been at our meetup at least once.

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