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Morality II: Do rules help or hurt?

Hey, folks–

This week during Gray’s Theology, Mrs. Wakeywakey and I will be at a “new parents” class, learning all about the joys of changing diapers. As a result, I’m pleased to announce our very special guest discussion facilitator Josh Montague, known to many of you as “that guy Josh”. Josh is a regular contributer to Gray’s, a deep thinker, a good guy and will capably get you talking about this week’s fantastic topic.


Josh is not only a very special guest discussion faciliatator, he’s a very special guest blogger, here to introduce you to this month’s topic. Here’s Josh:

We all have some form of rules we live by – make it to work by 8 AM, change the oil every 3,000 miles, use only compact fluorescent bulbs. The Mel Gibson version of William Wallace said, “It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.” Freedom versus rules … absolute freedom sounds so much more attractive, but we default to some set of life rules.

What are the “big rules” that govern your life? Do these get in the way of personal freedom or expression? When does a rule (or right) become universal, if it ever does? If it does, where is the source of authority?

All this and good beer at Gray’s Theology…

Enjoy the discussion–I am bummed I won’t be around to hear what everyone has to say. (I’m also bummed I won’t be around to talk. I like to talk.) Have a great time, and see you next month!


One Response to “Morality II: Do rules help or hurt?”

  1. I have a lot to say about fluorescent light bulbs…compact or otherwise. But I don’t think that was the direction you want to go. I have to wait until I start my own blog.

    If you had good parents, and I know you did Dave, parent classes are big time overrated. Just do what your parents did and you’ll be better off.

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