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Wow, am I busy!

Lots of people wear their busy-ness like a badge. If you went to college, you probably have had a few “well, I slept less than you” contests. For many of us, the work world isn’t much different. I’ve heard stories about people trying to better themselves by making sure their car is in the parking lot on Saturday earlier than the other guy.

While most of us are more subtle than that, lots of us derive a lot of personal value out of how much we work. Or if it’s not the number of hours, it’s how efficient we are.

Do you identify with that good portion of American society that derives a lot of your personal feeling of worth out of what you accomplish at work? Do you think it’s a good measure of human value? If not, what alternatives would you propose?

Because at the end of this annual major deadline I’m up against, work is all I can think about. I’ll enjoy sharing time and beverages with you at Gray’s when it’s all over.


3 Responses to “Wow, am I busy!”

  1. Not I, said the cat. I derive some satisfaction from the fact that I have a job, and more because it is a job that doesn’t require me to wear a nametag or try to upsell fries. When I was unemployed directly after college I certainly felt the sting of inadequacy that accompanied it. But now? Eh. I’m not the kind of guy to gloat about how much or how well I work. But I nevertheless do work a good deal; I’m going to be flying back to Madison when you are having an awesome Grey’s session. That’s not cool! And it certainly doesn’t reveal my personal value.

    What’s the measure of a person? You got me, Dave. I’d say it’s the amount of good that they do in their life, but if that’s the case, then I really need to step up!

    Much love from NYC, Dave.

  2. Just this morning a friend sent me a cartoon (Crabby Road from 2-23-07) related to the topic. Maxine is sitting in front of her computer with a coffee cup in her hand. She says, “One of my coworkers has an annoying habit: she works! Makes me look bad.”

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