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Changes to this site

Hi, all.

I turned on comment moderation. There are 2 reasons, in order of importance:

1. Sometimes spam gets through and shows up in rss feeds before I can delete it. Spam, whether electronic or a processed meat “food”, is gross.

2. This site was intended mainly to support the in-person community of Gray’s Theology. Previously, I had ambitions of grandeur that the conversation could involve like, the whole internet. (Note to the un-Dave-initiated: That was characteristic exaggeration.) However, I’m realizing that I don’t really have time to really engage with all you internet-only discussion partners in a meaningful way. So I’m just going to focus on what’s working well right now, which is the in person conversation.

This blog will continue to introduce topics, and be a place for discussion for folks who attended Gray’s. But before I approve your comment, you need to have attended Gray’s yourself. This isn’t to be unfriendly, it’s just a way to keep this blog serving the main community for which it is intended.

FWIW, that may mean that comments may go down to a minimum. And this will be sad. I’ll miss comments from non-in person folks like tere and Jenn. Of course, non-in-person folks, as long as they’re not constrained by geography, can certainly show up sometime (pretty please?) and upgrade their status. And I’m going to continue to enjoy the face-to-face relating at GT.

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