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reveille precedes revelation

This month’s topic, abridged: What makes a good conversation?

You’ve probably been in good arguments where you grew. You’ve been in bad arguments where people just pissed each other off. What makes a good conversation? What ruins it?

That’s our topic, for those of you who don’t like to read those long posts (and let me tell you, that last post was way long–I do not blame you). I spent some time in there describing some ideals of what you think makes a good conversation. If you want, we can talk about those. Or, better, let’s hear from you. Possible paths we can go down to answer the above question: What works? What doesn’t? Maybe make it practical: Tell a story of a time where a conversation really hurt you, or your were frustrated, or you felt alienated from someone. Tell a story of a time where you were really challenged and you changed in some way. Or make it philosophical/psychological: Have you read anyone that shapes your understanding of how we learn from each other?

See you Thursday!

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