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Potential new topic (a “before” post)

So for this month’s meeting I wanted to take a break from terribly controversial topics like the existence and nature of God (though that was really fun). I’m thinking about the tension in our culture between our desire to define ourselves on our own terms and our loneliness (i.e., our desire for community). I’m not really sure how to go about introducing that topic, though, or what question(s) should be up for discussion.

If you’ve got any anecdotes, illustrations, or ways of framing a discussion question around this topic and want to help me out, feel free to email me or comment here.

After all, why not open up the creation of a discussion about community to the broader community?

Well, because I don’t want all you riff raff tainting my pure self expression on this blog, that’s why not!

(that last sentence was supposed to be a joke.)


2 Responses to “Potential new topic (a “before” post)”

  1. How about getting at the topic of community through this Steve Thorngate lyric from the song, “If You Find Me”?:

    If you find me in this place
    Where nothing can be found,
    I’ll embrace you as I call your fallacy.
    When fear of being ungrounded
    Finds me neck-deep in the ground,
    I’ll try to move, but could you come to me?
    While I’ll gladly talk about
    The value of community,
    Theory, and talk, and selfish thought are free.
    If you find me with Wendell and whiskey
    And no one else around,
    Just push me towards the nearest face you see.

    In search of communion
    I buy a bottle of red wine.
    At eight o’clock I’m standing at your door.
    We break bread, and ask advice,
    And offer the party line,
    Both aware we’d hoped for something more.
    And I suppose there’s nothing wrong
    With a thick suit of skin,
    But only blood takes the slightest edge off sin.
    I finally know how to feel
    About knowing how to feel.
    Do you feel you know me at all?

    Sitting on a subway train
    Reading Notes From Underground,
    I’d never know if someone tried to call.
    I’m vaguely aware as light
    Displaces vast echoes of sound,
    But too involved to talk to it at all.
    A dashed or solid line
    To connections all over town,
    When I just want a straight shot to my door.
    My archives of potential
    Receive new volumes everyday.
    I can always gather up, and store, and bury more.

  2. I think you could make this more personal or more concrete by talking about labels. What Labels define you, or how do they miss the mark?

    I’m an Atheist, a Vegan, a Liberal, a Project Manager, a Leaser, a Male, a Gen-Xer, I’m Single, etc. This is how I am easily defined, but what more are you missing? Labels are dangerous, but that is the language of mass media, and labels are the lens through which we see the world.

    What elevates you above your labels? And what labels/associations do you value?

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