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How did you learn what you know?

May 21, 2007

I think it’s pretty much general consensus in our culture today that part of growing up means evaluating different things that people have told you and making your own decisions about what you believe, who you are, what you’ll do, and who you’ll become. It’s general consensus, I think, because in a lot of ways, […]

Potential new topic (a “before” post)

May 15, 2007

So for this month’s meeting I wanted to take a break from terribly controversial topics like the existence and nature of God (though that was really fun). I’m thinking about the tension in our culture between our desire to define ourselves on our own terms and our loneliness (i.e., our desire for community). I’m not […]

What is Spiritual the Sequel, or Rambling Is Back in Style, Kids

May 15, 2007

Hi, everyone. I’m back. There are two basic kinds of posts on this blog. There’s the kind to (hopefully) get you talking and the kind where, wow, apparently I have a lot on my mind. OK, yes, it’s admittedly apparent that I have a lot on my mind even when I’m trying to get you […]